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About the Event

When mega-entrepreneur, sports enthusiast and ultra-marathoner Jesse Itzler couldn’t find a suitable sports challenge to conquer next he created his own and he came to TMBR to market it. 29029 is an event that challenges participants to climb the height of Everest (29,029 feet) all in a single weekend on a private mountain. This event is for people looking for a killer challenge to add to their resume that gives them another great adventure story to tell.

Landing Page Design

29029 came to TMBR with an established brand and style guide and needing to establish their online presence. TMBR recommended a digital landing page that would quickly tell the brand story and provide the topline information needed to drive people to register for the event. Our design built on the edginess of the brand by incorporating high contrast elements that lead the user down the page to convert.

Animated Video

To give the landing page more life and better tell the story of what 29029 is, TMBR executed a quick video clip by overlaying animated elements on top of Google Earth mountain views. The clip quickly conveys what the challenge is and what the experience will be like.

Supporting Materials

TMBR also translated the final landing page design into coordinating print materials, email templates and social assets to round out the campaign.

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