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Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Brain Farm Digital Cinema is a turnkey production house that has made a name for itself as a standout provider of support to action, adventure and lifestyle productions. In recent years, Brain Farm has received extensive acclaim for their creation of visionary film, TV and digital content — in particular their breakout snowboarding film The Art of Flight, which was captured and cut entirely in-house. The company was founded on their passion to test the limits of high-definition motion picture production and has built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to "get the shot".

Time For An Upgrade

Over the years Brain Farm has transitioned from simply offering production support and services to producing award-winning digital cinema and setting the bar for gravity-defying action sports films. Built in 2008, their original website was in a word, archaic – it promoted them merely as a rental shop rather than the ground-breaking production house they had become.

Mobile & Responsive

TMBR’s founders put their heads together to design and develop a custom digital space that could be easily managed in-house, would allow them to maintain and share their content in one place and create an online experience that would allow users to engage. Part media hub (coined BRFM), part portfolio, the result fuses jaw-dropping design that reflects the quality of Brain Farm’s work with a cutting edge UI.

The Redesign

Our Starting Point

Brain Farm's original site build in 2008 was based in flash and did not posses the capacity for Brain Farm to add and showcase their large breath of content. It lacked responsiveness and its outdated design did little to convey the reputation of visual masters Brain Farm was cultivating.

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