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About Climb

Climb Wyoming has a 30 year history of providing life skills and job training to low-income single mothers. At the core of the Climb model is a commitment to cultivating meaningful relationships and initiating lasting change and self-sufficiency for single mothers and their families. Climb’s unique and innovative approach is an impactful force for positive change in our community. Climb chose to partner with TMBR to rebrand the organization and tell the powerful story of the work they are doing through a full-service relationship.

Brand Discovery

In order to undertake the monumental task of rebranding Climb, TMBR first had to fully understand the organization. Through extensive interviews of Climb founders, employees and stakeholders TMBR identified Climb’s “secret sauce” - the brand values, personality traits and completely unique approach to problem solving that makes Climb who they are. From this knowledge we were able to distill Climb’s true brand essence.

Full Rebrand

With an understanding of the core brand established, the next challenge was to translate Climb’s essence into a new messaging and visual identity. TMBR worked closely with Climb to construct a new mission statement, positioning statement, vision and mantra, along with language that speaks to Climb’s core values and personality. The cornerstone of the visual identity is Climb’s new logo, which captures the inspirational journey single mothers experience when they go through Climb. New colors, fonts, photography and icons were also executed to complete Climb’s new look and feel. All elements of the rebrand were documented in Climb’s Brand Book.

Recruitment Advertising

Climb has various target audiences to whom communicating the Climb story is important, but Climb’s primary target audience is the single mothers who are potential participants in the Climb program. In order to recruit participants, Climb’s advertising must reach low-income, single mothers and motivate them to reach for a better future. TMBR created two advertising campaigns for Climb, using powerful photography of real Climb graduates paired with inspirational headlines. TMBR also executed a statewide media plan, including all media deliverables, for radio, print, direct mail, digital, mobile and social advertising.

Recruitment Landing Site

One of the primary goals of our recruitment advertising campaign was to decrease the barrier to entry potential participants feel when they are thinking about joining a Climb program. In the past, the first step potential participants were asked to take to join a Climb program was to meet or talk to a Climb staff member. TMBR wanted to provide a lower-risk option for potential participants to learn more about Climb. In order to accomplish this goal, TMBR developed a recruitment-specific landing website ( to engage low-income, single mothers interested in Climb. The website, which is the call to action on all recruitment advertising pieces, features content focused on answering questions about the climb program and showing why Climb is different than any other type of job training or government assistance program available to those in need.

Video Production

TMBR executed a series of videos to fully tell Climb’s story and communicate why the Climb program and organization is so unique. The primary goal of the videos was to communicate Climb’s impact through stories that would resonate with potential participants. TMBR created multiple video concepts that would both inform potential participants what Climb does and inspire potential participants through graduate success stories. These videos are the primary content on the Recruitment Landing Site.

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