Contour Music Festival

Contour Music Festival

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About the Client

Contour Music Festival was founded out of a true passion for music and an effort to bring big-name talent to Jackson Hole’s music-loving community. Residents of Jackson, and other small Wyoming/Idaho towns often have to travel far distances to see their favorite bands. Contour recognized that rugged Jackson Hole is an ideal location to attract both musical talent and audiences from the surrounding area and across the nation to enjoy both the beauty of the outdoors and the arts and music scene.

Marketing Challenge

Contour Music Festival was in need of a strong brand and impactful collateral to launch them into their inaugural festival. The brand would be one of Contour’s primary tools for selling the festival to prospective musicians, sponsors and partners, and the collateral would need to attract the attention of music industry consumers, while standing out from other festivals.

Design meets Function

A secondary component of Contour’s marketing needs was for a website. TMBR developed a website with built-in scheduling and ticketing integration to meet the Festival’s core marketing needs, but it was also key to the project’s success that the intricate design components established during the branding phase were maintained through the web design. TMBR’s development team ultimately succeeded by building a website where both design and function are paramount, delivering uncompromised UX and UI that work together seamlessly.

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