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About Converse Sonata

Borrowing its name from the musical convention, meaning many separate pieces that come together, Converse Sonata is just that. The brand began as an idea for a lifestyle company that is both youthful and classic, echoed in the virtues of the surf and the sand.

Branding Campaign

TMBR nailed down this branding in our most robust campaign yet, establishing a name and logo for the brand and executing apparel, product and web design. TMBR’s branding work transformed Converse Sonata from a mere idea to its full form. The design community confirmed the brand’s success, voting Converse Sonata print design to the front page of Dribbble, three weeks in a row.


Through the use of muted colors, grunge texture and a handmade aesthetic influence by retro designs of the 50s and 60s, TMBR successfully rolled out a visual identity that portrayed youth culture while echoing a timelessness that maintains its relevance across generations. The result is a brand with a retro, classic surf feel that makes Converse Sonata unmistakably cool.

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