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About the Client

Evolve is a high-end production house with five Emmy awards and 30 nominations. Evolve’s production work speaks for itself, but their website wasn’t doing their award-winning work justice. Evolve came to TMBR looking for a creative vision that would allow the web design to both highlight and match the caliber of their visual content.

About the Design

The biggest challenge of this project was creating a design that was strong, bold and innovative, without overshadowing the visual and video content. The clean lines and high contrast color palette work together to allow the imagery to be the focus, and thoughtful animations and design effects add an element of movement and impact that sets this site apart. TMBR collaborated with Evolve to strategically curate the visual content to ensure it strengthened the site design.

Design that Moves

Throughout the site are elements that feel alive and bring a sense of motion and life to the site. From the in-page video loops on the about page, to the flickering logo mark behind the navigation, to the red lines that animate across the site, the site feels like it belongs to an Emmy winning creative content studio.

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