Grand Targhee Resort

Grand Targhee Resort

Branding, Collateral & Web Design


Mackie Bushong

About the Project

Grand Targhee Resort provides a unique mountain experience, with all the amenities you can ask for in a mountain resort, within a secluded and nostalgic environment nestled in the quiet depths of the Tetons. With proximity to Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, the true appeal of Grand Targhee Resort lies in the ability to break away and experience the outdoors away from the crowds.

Branding Refresh & Standardization

TMBR worked with Grand Targhee Resort to launch a complete overhaul of the core brand and multiple sub-brands. While wanting to maintain key brand elements, including the logo and iconic wood textures that so accurately represent the physical resort, Grand Targhee Resort’s branding had become disjointed and was in a need of serious refresh and standardization.

TMBR began the process of reinventing the Grand Targhee Resort brand by creating and documenting a new set of visual assets and guidelines in a Brand Standards Guide. Ultimately a valuable asset to direct all creative execution, the Brand Standards define logo usage guidelines, font hierarchies, color palettes, image treatments, color pairings and supporting visual elements.

Icons & Sub-brands

Within Grand Targhee Resort’s core brand live multiple profit centers, amenities and events requiring varying levels of differentiation and unique branding. As a part of the new Grand Targhee Resort core brand, TMBR introduced a library of icons to be used to distinguish different areas of offerings. Additionally, TMBR created unique logos for the Grand Targhee Resort Bike Park, Targhee Fest and Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival that fit within the umbrella of the core brand.


From print ads and brochures to trail maps and event posters, TMBR executed the full spectrum of marketing materials using the new Brand Standards. Grand Targhee Resort’s marketing materials now have the consistency and strong, personal identity that was previously lacking.

Event Poster

Each year the Targhee Fest is given a unique look and feel to promote the weekend music event. Exploring a theme of ‘Americana’, TMBR created a custom illustration for the poster, using Targhee Fest’s central icon: the buffalo.


Once the new brand was established, TMBR applied the updated look and feel to the Grand Targhee Resort website. This required several template re-designs as well as a complete reskin of the site styles. This update brought Grand Targhee’s digital presence inline with the new brand in order to deliver a consistent brand message across all platforms.

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