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Nick Ano

Ecommerce Migration to Shopify

GU’s initial e-commerce platform was cumbersome and didn’t allow for efficient management of products or sales promotions. TMBR worked with GU to identify the e-commerce platform that would meet of all their needs, including better product management and targeting specific customer segments. The migration to Shopify involved extensive product database work and included moving the front end site to an enterprise level WordPress theme, setting up advanced ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics and integrating Google Shopping.

Front End Redesign

GU’s customer audience consumes a high level of technical product-related information before making a purchase. Knowing this, one of the primary goals of the website redesign was to create an online experience that allows users to consume product information in the way they choose. TMBR’s design includes a strong design aesthetic while focusing on information-sharing about how to use GU, activity applications, product attributes and product comparison.

Customized Landing Pages

Consumers use GU’s full range of products to achieve specific training and performance goals, which vary by sport, intensity and activity duration. In order to speak to each of GU’s varied consumer segments, TMBR created custom landing pages for each type of athlete. Users can self-select into their athletic group and find complete nutrition plans based on the intensity and duration of their sport. By organizing content in this way, consumers can find the information they need in a format that is customized to them.

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