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Anthony Harmon

About the Client

Northworks architecture firm was seeking to elevate their brand and digital presence to reflect their high end and diverse project portfolio. As Northworks believes design excellence can be achieved through any aesthetic, they were seeking a minimal and classic look and feel that would complement the many different styles of architectural design within their portfolio.

Branding Project

The original Northworks brand logo was inspired by“industrial” beginnings. With their HQ office located in old warehouse, the original logo had the feel of an iron stencil used in manufacturing. We transformed the heritage of this logo into something new, timeless and classic, with special attention to font.

Website Design

Northworks’ stunning portfolio photography is the centerpiece of the website design. Large image galleries, clean text formatting and simple design accents bring a modern yet timeless feel to the web experience and allow the user to become immersed in each project.

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