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Established in 1998, Population Media Center is an international non-profit organization that works with mass media and others to spread awareness of the effects population growth are having on our planet’s limited resources. In addition to this, PMC strives to lessen the impact of population growth on the environment and educate people about family planning and gender equality. PMC has organized projects in numerous countries across the globe.


Population Speak Out is a collaboration of multiple nonprofits to raise awareness of the human population’s impact on the environment. Speak Out spearheads their current campaign by granting free copies of the book Overpopulation to individuals and organizations who submit a short proposal of how the book can help them further their environmental message or reach more constituents.


Marketing Challenge

Speak Out needed an online hub from which to run their campaign, a place that could tell the Speak Out story, provide avenues for individuals to get involved and most importantly, showcase their success. TMBR designed and built a responsive website using an interactive map of user activities as the driving force of the campaign. TMBR integrated Google translate to allow activists from across the globe to submit user-generated content, growing participation from the original goal of 1,000 participants to more than five times that amount.

After two successful projects with TMBR, Population Media Center contacted us to build a third site focused on communicating how rapidly the world’s population is increasing and the impact of that growth on our planet. The goal of this landing site was to funnel visitors to three other websites that each address the population challenge through their own unique activities.



TMBR created two high-impact visuals to demonstrate population growth. The first was a population counter that counts actual population growth during a user’s visit on the site. The second was a world map showing population growth with lighted pins that pop up around the globe in tandem with the growth counter. This highly visual and interactive approach was paired with strong CTA’s and short, impactful taglines to drive visitors to one of the three portals to become involved in the issue.

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