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Gary Huck

About the Project

REL Acoustics was seeking to build a more modern online experience to better tell their brand tory and appeal to a high-end, discerning customer. REL wanted to provide consumers with a unique and high-end online shopping experience with flexible e-commerce options that allow for direct online sale of products and seamless integrations between product pages and dealer inventory.

Our Initial Proposal

REL had a specific set of communication goals which were key in determining the design aesthetic and requirements for the new site. The core principles which REL wanted the design to clearly communicate were:

  • Passion for sound
  • Artful product design
  • Warmth & rich complexity of sound
  • Craftsmanship of the product
  • Product Information and best use practices

Custom Features

To help consumers to discover the REL product that will work best with their existing speakers, TMBR built a custom feature that allows consumers to input their speaker brand and model for a recommended REL subwoofer based on your room size. Additional custom functionality included a robust dealer locator feature for individual products that allows REL sales reps to maintain current inventory with participating dealers through the website CMS.

Design Solution

With all of these goals in mind, TMBR created a truly unique online shopping experience that allows consumers to explore in the way that best suits them. Whether customers are just discovering their passion for sound or they are a true audiophile, the site captures their interest and allows them to dive into different levels of product detail so they have the information they need both before and after making a purchase.

Product Comparison

Custom comparison charts allow consumers to easily digest spec information about each speaker within a series in a visually pleasing and easy-to-read format.

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