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Founded in 2012 by a band of renegade beer fanatics, Roadhouse Brewing Co. is based in the craft of beer making. Inspired by their Teton surroundings and dedicated to the history and culture of brewing, Roadhouse is more than just your run-of-the-mill craft brewery. Now infamous for their boldly crafted, unapologetic IPA's, their approach to craft beer is both sophisticated and without boundaries.

Marketing Challenge

The resurgence of craft beer has created a saturated market of inauthentic beer brands that are hardly differentiable. From the beginning, Roadhouse wanted something unique. They wanted identity with grit that was completely different from the “trendy” labels other craft breweries were adopting.

Another Round Please

As we developed and expanded the brand, we stayed the course with simplicity, elegence, and craftsmanship.

Product Packaging & Branding

Further developing the old-school design elements included in Roadhouse’s branding, this packaging design speaks to the free-spirited fly fisherman out there.

The Rhombus IPA

Named after a Phish song, the Rhombus is the Roadhouse's workhorse. Bringing home the gold at this year's 2014 Best of Craft Beer Awards, it made sense to give the "floral and citrus hop bomb" and identity of its own. The Rhombus identity is a sub-brand of Roadhouse, maintaining key brand elements in a more modern and bold feel.

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