Skirt Sports

Skirt Sports

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Gary Huck

Skirt Sports

Skirt Sports is a leading provider of women’s performance apparel. Founded by a professional triathlete who felt uninspired by her own masculine running apparel, the company was established with a goal of empowering female athletes to feel both strong and beautiful while running. Skirt Sports quickly rose to popularity with the introduction of their trademark running skirt, a product that fulfilled a need unmet by a male-focused industry, and now offers a full collection of women’s running apparel.

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Marketing Challenge

Although experiencing growing popularity among female runners, Skirt Sports wanted to expand upon its position as the leader in running skirts by building a movement of strong, real-world women connected through the transformative power of running.

Primary Brand Color

Secondary Brand Color

Secondary Page Titles

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The Redesign

A Long Way From the Starting Line.

The brand we established for Skirt Sports transformed their generic, commercial marketing into visually strong, modern, energetic and lifestyle-focused messaging that fully captured the essence of Skirt Sports and effectively communicated their brand voice.

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