Snake River Interiors

Snake River Interiors

Website Design & Copywriting


Nick Ano & Emily Frazier

About the Project

Seeking to differentiate themselves from the saturated interior design market in Jackson, Snake River Interiors came to TMBR to create a new website. What made this project an exciting challenge for the TMBR team was translating Snake River Interiors’ unique and eclectic design aesthetic into an online environment.

Iterative Design

The starting point for this project was a thorough discovery phase that allowed us to fully understand Snake River Interiors’ design inspiration, philosophy and personality. TMBR developed several design concepts early in the project, which were later refined into the final product.

Elegant Development

The design balances strong creative elements with white space that acts as a canvas, allowing photography to be the focus. The highly custom offset design and development of the site paired with elegant transitions and load effects are key elements of this high-end website.

Defining Brand Voice

Having established a clear visual direction for the website and brand, Snake River Interiors extended their contract to have TMBR execute the majority of the copywriting for the website as well. This was an excellent opportunity to bring our vision for Snake River Interiors’ brand to life by establishing a tone of voice and verbal style that complements the brand’s visual elements.

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