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Teton Mountain Lodge



Nick Ano

Our Initial Direction

TMBR partnered with Jackson’s Teton Mountain Lodge to design a new, fully-responsive website that would capture the resort’s feel and engage users through interactive content. Two concepts were explored for the creative direction. TMBR’s first concept used earthy colors and textures to convey the rustic, natural vacation experience the resort offers.

Redefined Direction

TMBR’s winning design concept was based around the idea of “Alpine Elegance”. Inspired by Teton Mountain Lodge’s newly redesigned lobby, TMBR created design elements from art, fabrics, architecture and decorations throughout the resort. The combination of these elements with a clean site design and ample white space allowed us to convey high-end luxury without losing the cozy, mountain feel of the lodge.

Refined Concept

In order to increase engagement and drive direct bookings, TMBR designed a user-first experience. Upon visiting the site, users could self-select into one of four groups most relevant to them: Couple, Family, Adventurer, Group. This self-selection then determined what amenities, room options, and activities the user would see on the site to ensure the experience was tailored to that user. Additionally, TMBR designed an itinerary tool that allowed users to filter through activities by season and activity level, add those activities to an itinerary, and send that itinerary to the hotel concierge, who would then follow up personally to confirm and book the agenda.

Our Starting Point

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