Wyoming Air Company


Packaging Design, Web Design, Video Production


Dave Johnson - Acting (Nimbus Mayweather)
Ryan Sheets - Film
Emily Frazier - Editing

Out of Thin Air

In pursuit of the ultimate branding challenge, TMBR sought to market a product that had never been branded before. The question was - what, in our world of infinite commercialism, remains to be branded? Nothing. Exactly. And that was when our vision to brand air was born. Privileged to live and work in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, TMBR quickly realized that the air we breathe every day is so pure and fresh, that we just might be able to sell it.

Brand Story Video

Every brand is built on a story, so in order to successfully market bottled air, we needed a heritage. With a passion for air and breathing rivaled by none, the persona of Nimbus Mayweather became the voice of Wyoming Air Company. The focus of the brand video was to tell the story of Nimbus Mayweather’s passion for air by sharing a playful and engaging history of the brand.


When you’re selling air, the packaging is everything. We wanted a package that would showcase the product and also remain true to the brand’s bespoke and handcrafted values. The final product features the Wyoming Air Company logo along with handwritten batch information unique to each bottle.

Brand Launch

With such an inherently humorous brand and product to promote, TMBR knew that no ordinary date could serve as the launch day for the brand. In order to fully leverage the “newsworthiness” of our brand and product launch, we planned our launch for April 1st. The launch was carried out across multiple platforms, including web, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Due to the timeliness of our product launch and news hype around April 1st, the launch of Wyoming Air Company garnered coverage from a variety of outlets.

Website Views:

Over 26,000

Video Impressions

Over 17,000

Wyoming Film Contest



JH N&G, KHOL, TGR, Abduzeedo, Inertia, KISS FM, Unofficial Networks, Guide Live, Gear Institute, Bootstrapped, Buckrail

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