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Shopify – Display an estimated shipping date

By tmbr

Not every business ships products instantly like Amazon. It makes sense from a customer service standpoint to give your customers a heads up on an estimated shipping date for their product.

The example below follows the logic that it takes 48 hours to pack and ship an order – and we do not fulfill orders on the weekend.

We use Javascript to calculate the estimated shipping date based on these rules.

See the Pen Shopify set ship date – 48 hours no weekends by TMBR (@bmodena) on CodePen.

you can modify the code above to meet your internal shipping rules – say it takes you 4 days to pack and ship – you would just update noOfDaysToAdd = 2 from 2 to 4 ( noOfDaysToAdd = 4 )

To implement in your shopify theme you can add the script from this pen to your cart.liquid template within a script tag
at the bottom of your template

and then wherever in your cart template you want to show the shipping date value just place the following HTML

typically before or after your list of cart items.