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Built to be wild.


Crafted with style, Fairburns is bringing unrivaled performance and style to female adventurers who want their wardrobe to take them confidently from home to trail to dinner with friends.

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In Fairburns, you go anywhere and do anything with the confidence of knowing your shoes will never let you down.

Not only is it possible to have hiking shoes that deliver real performance and great style, but in doing so, Fairburns is taking a much more intentional approach to the way footwear is made by taking a stand for fair trade practices and ethically sourced materials.

Just like the fox, the Fairburns brand is curious, on a path to discover new opportunities and adventures while boldly facing whatever challenge may come head on.

Fairburns’ visual identity captures the nature-inspired and optimistic heart of the brand that envisions a world that does more with less.

TMBR infused the design of the visual identity with meaning that ties back to the Fairburns brand values. The three circles that make up the tale of the fox are visual representation of harmony. The logotype flows between thick and thin weights throughout each character, symbolic to the flow of nature, and the shape over the “i” is a visual representation of a flame, a subtle hint at the burning spirit of the fox.